25 October 2008

NO! on Prop 8!!!

I feel very strongly about this, and encourage people to comment both sides of the issue, but please no personal attacks. Also, please try to watch the videos before commenting.

how exactly will this harm society?

"Gay marriage has become such an important issue to me, as it should be an important issue to everyone. It's a civil rights issue, period. And the only reason anyone wants to deny homosexuals equal rights is a religious one. PERIOD. Your God says it's a bad thing. But what if my God disagrees? If you take religion out of the equation, THERE IS NO ISSUE. And don't even get me started on the slippery slope end of the argument, because you know the only reason I'm writing this is because I want to legally marry my dogs. Both of them." - Heather from dooce.com

America was founded on the ideal of freedom of religion. Yes, we had a Puritanical Christian beginning. But why were they here? Because the Church of England was trying to tell them what to believe and how to live their life! They were here to ESCAPE RELIGIOUS PROSECUTION, and now 400 to 500 years later, our citizens are trying to do the exact thing that their ancestors tried to get away from.

There will always be exceptions, but the VAST majority of supporters for Prop 8 are religious folks. In fact, 77% of monetary support for Yes on Prop 8 is from people who practice the Mormon religion...both in AND OUT of California.

If marriages were only legal if conducted in a church (a la England) this would be a moot point. It would be up to the churches to decide if they would or would not grant marriage licenses to homosexuals. However, people get married in court houses all the time. This makes marriage a governmental entity as well and we have a strict separation of church and government policy in this country.

To argue that allowing gays to get married would ruin the "sanctity and sacredness of marriage" is ridiculous. Our divorce rate wouldn't be 60% if people truly respected marriage.

I'm positive that Ellen and Portia are more in love and committed to each other than most of the drunken marriages that take place in Vegas. (Britney Spears' 55-hour drug/alcohol fueled marriage anyone?)

Please vote No on Prop 8