24 April 2007


I usually favor higher end products (just about anything you can purchase at Sephora), but I purchased some of the new Dove Cream Oil Body Wash on a whim while I was in Target yesterday.

I LOVE this stuff. It comes in three different strengths depending on how dry you deem your skin to be. I chose cherry blossom and almond scent because I liked it the best. Turns out it's the middle level of "creaminess". It's not so perfume-y that your whole shower instantly smells like it as soon as you put it on the bath puff. The smell is so light that it is just enough to be smelled but not overpowering. Brought a smile to my face this morning.

Now, let's talk about the lather. TO DIE FOR! The lather is so dense and creamy that its like rubbing bubbly lotion all over your body. At one point I actually thought about how much I had used because it seemed like I was just spreading it around, the lather was so thick.

Use this to shave. Because of the oil and the moisturizers, I have never had such a smooth shave. My skin is still so soft.

I recommend heading to the nearest Target and picking it up.

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