27 January 2007

What a week!

Sorry about the lack of posts! I just wrapped up the second week of my semester so I have been really busy. School books are so expensive! On a non-beauty related note, I bought my used (like new)Statistics II book on Amazon.com Market place for $50...1/2 of what my school wanted for a used one. I highly recommend it!

Back to beauty business... Some of you may have noticed that I broke down and shelled out for the Kinerase Cream. Boy, was that a mistake. It is the exact OPPOSITE of how amazing the Kinerase gentle cleanser is. My skin was left tight, dry, and slightly itchy (could be a slight allergic reaction as well). Some parts of my skin are so dry that I feel like I have scaly patches and now I have to microdermabrasion my face. *I recommend Olay Microdermabrasion/Peel kit* I normally have, well, normal skin. No dry patches or oily slicks. I can't even imagine what this would do to someone with dry skin.

Back to my beloved Caudalie Premieres Vendanges Moisturizing Cream. I feel bad for straying to begin with.

This day cream is amazing. I literally feel like my skin is going "aaahhhh" after I put it on. Its like drinking a nice glass of water when you are dehydrated. Plus it works really well with the Kinerase Gentle Cleanser.


B said...


yes I love the shopaholic books, I want becky to be my best friend even though she is nuts!!!

thanks for visiting my blog

where do you get this day cream from I never heard of it- maybe not in canada?? we do have sephora can I buy it there?

Beauty in the Breakdown said...

the easiest way to find a sephora store (or just order online-use the codes in my earlier post for deluxe sampls on top of the 3 you already get!) is to go online at sephora.com.