10 January 2007

Today's Makeup!

Today was a super early/short day at work so im only wearing:

philosophy the Supernatural in natural
MAC blush in Dollymix
DiorShow mascara in black
GAP pomegranate chapstick (LOVE it!)


yummy411 said...

i'll have to check out the pomegranate chapstick =) sounds yummy~

Eric said...

What makes an ingredient natural? More and more leading make-up companies are responding to the demands of today's

educated market and offering their customers make-up containing natural and organic ingredients. Women - and more and

more men - are realizing the benefits of leaving behind the man-made ingredients used in cheaper cosmetics and looking

for the quality and results that come from natural make up. Cosmetics that have been made using quality ingredients -

natural products close to the original state, and, whenever possible, organic certified.