31 January 2007

Gym Membership

Equipped new gym membership and a free* personal trainer, it seems my spare time has been dwindling away. That, or my shoulders have just been so sore that I can't bring myself to type anything of length. Haha.

Anyways, I wasnt sure what I wanted to review today, and then it hit me while I was showering:

Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Restoratives Shampoo and Conditioner!

I've been a major bottle blonde dating back to a bad idea in December 2004. (I thought dying my natural blonde hair brown would be a fun change. WRONG!) My hair has been fully bleached out (by my own means none-the-less) at least 6 times. I swear it only looks fried for maybe 2 days. Even my hair dresser can't believe that it's been bleached as much as it has. It just gets softer and shinier everytime. If you touched my hair today, you would never guess that it's been chemically processed. Its that great.

*free = my boyfriend who won't let me complain my way into shorter workouts...

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Jessica said...

wow, I'll have to try this. I get my hair highlighted every eight weeks or so, and I just got a good bit of length cut off, so now I have to blow dry and straighten my hair a lot more often (since it's naturally curly - which looked good when it was long, but not so much now that it's shorter)

Like you, I was also inspired by The Beauty Addict to create my own beauty blog. I'd be honored if you checked it out. I'm also in school, so I don't have very many posts yet, but the ones I do have a kinda lengthy. : )