09 January 2007

First Post

I just wanted to say hi! I, like most people who are reading this, am OBSESSED with all things beauty. Haircare, skincare, makeup...you name it, I've tried at least 5 different brands low end to high end.

Sephora will be the end of me financially. Hahaha.

Feel free to ask me anything beauty related, I'm sure I can help you out!


d. chedwick bryant said...

What is the best beauty mask/ other products for a reasonably priced home facial?

Beauty in the Breakdown said...

Honestly, the best facial/mask I've ever given myself was an aspirin mask. Crush up 5-6 uncoated regular aspirin pills and mix in with your favorite face mask. Clay works especially good. It will get flaky as it dries. Do this once a week and you should see a slight difference after the first time and within 5 weeks you should really be able to tell the difference.