15 January 2007

Face Cleansers

I'm not gonna lie, I've definitely had my skin issues.

I always thought that the things I was using weren't strong enough (things like Murad acne solutions)

One day I tried a gentle cleanser (Caudalie to be exact.) My face was clear within a week. It turned out I had been over irritating my skin and causing the breakouts. UGH!

Then through a deluxe sample courtesy of Sephora, I discovered the all time skin cleanser...

It runs about $30 dollars but it is TOTALLY worth it. Caudalie cleared my skin up (Kinerase kept it clear...) but with in two weeks...no joke...my skin looked like 21 year old skin should look. It was amazing. I no longer needed concealer, foundation, or even powder. My skin was picture perfect and felt the same way.

I'm still using my Caudalie day lotion but I'm saving up for the Kinerase Creme ($117!?!). Honestly if I hadn't already tried the lotion and found out how wonderful it was as well I would never buy something that expensive at my age. But it was sooo nice! Definitely gave me a case of the "gimme gimmes."

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