31 January 2007

Gym Membership

Equipped new gym membership and a free* personal trainer, it seems my spare time has been dwindling away. That, or my shoulders have just been so sore that I can't bring myself to type anything of length. Haha.

Anyways, I wasnt sure what I wanted to review today, and then it hit me while I was showering:

Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Restoratives Shampoo and Conditioner!

I've been a major bottle blonde dating back to a bad idea in December 2004. (I thought dying my natural blonde hair brown would be a fun change. WRONG!) My hair has been fully bleached out (by my own means none-the-less) at least 6 times. I swear it only looks fried for maybe 2 days. Even my hair dresser can't believe that it's been bleached as much as it has. It just gets softer and shinier everytime. If you touched my hair today, you would never guess that it's been chemically processed. Its that great.

*free = my boyfriend who won't let me complain my way into shorter workouts...

27 January 2007

What a week!

Sorry about the lack of posts! I just wrapped up the second week of my semester so I have been really busy. School books are so expensive! On a non-beauty related note, I bought my used (like new)Statistics II book on Amazon.com Market place for $50...1/2 of what my school wanted for a used one. I highly recommend it!

Back to beauty business... Some of you may have noticed that I broke down and shelled out for the Kinerase Cream. Boy, was that a mistake. It is the exact OPPOSITE of how amazing the Kinerase gentle cleanser is. My skin was left tight, dry, and slightly itchy (could be a slight allergic reaction as well). Some parts of my skin are so dry that I feel like I have scaly patches and now I have to microdermabrasion my face. *I recommend Olay Microdermabrasion/Peel kit* I normally have, well, normal skin. No dry patches or oily slicks. I can't even imagine what this would do to someone with dry skin.

Back to my beloved Caudalie Premieres Vendanges Moisturizing Cream. I feel bad for straying to begin with.

This day cream is amazing. I literally feel like my skin is going "aaahhhh" after I put it on. Its like drinking a nice glass of water when you are dehydrated. Plus it works really well with the Kinerase Gentle Cleanser.

20 January 2007

Much Better!

She looks so much better with normal hair and makeup. Everything about this look compliments her. I don't even know what to say.

Oh wait...

I do.

Lol. I hated the red lipstick on her....it showed off how much of her gums showed when she smiled and it was too harsh for her features (especially when combined with that weird unflattering architectural hairdos that she always seems to have...)

17 January 2007

Going for Broke...


I decimated sephora.com last night!

There are some neat secret promotion codes going on right now.

    BEAUTE1 will give you a choice of some really cool deluxe samples. (I ended up with waterproof turquoise eyeliner lol)

    MASCARA will get you a deluxe sample of my favorite Diorshow mascara!

And, like always any order over $75 merits free shipping (GODSEND! :D)

Anyways...back to my shopping spree.

I went crazy!

I split it into four different orders that met the $75 min for free shipping (I know..there goes most of my paycheck! augh!) so that I could get more free samples! You can only use one promotional code per order as well so this is a good way to break it down.

Also, I ♥ the free gift boxes they include if you select free gift wrapping. They are so cute and classy. I use them to store things in under my sink.

My shopping bag:

    GoSMILE Touch Up Refills Pear-licious/Peach-licious On-The-Go Smile Refresher
    Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow - Tender Chic 990
    Samples - Ole Henricksen Sheer Transformation -
    Samples - Prevage Eye Anti-Aging Moisturizing Treatment
    Samples - Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20
    Dr. Brandt Skincare Free Deluxe Sample

    Kinerase Cream with SPF 30 - 2.8 oz
    Samples - GoSMILE ADVANCED B1 Formula - 1 Ampoule
    Samples - Dior Homme Eau de Toilette
    Samples - Tocca Florence Eau de Parfum
    Dior Diorshow Deluxe Mascara Sample - Black - 0.18 oz

    GoSMILE ADVANCED Formula B1 Tooth Whitening On The Go
    Samples - Givenchy Amarige Mariage Eau de Parfum - 1 ml
    Samples - GoSMILE ADVANCED B1 Formula - 1 Ampoule
    Dior Capture Totale Crème Sample - .17 oz

    Bourjois Effet 3D High Shine Lip Gloss - Framboise Magnific
    Dior DiorSkin Pure Light - Light Beige 200
    Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser - 6.6 oz
    Samples - Oscar Blandi Balsamo di Jasmine Smoothing Conditioner
    Samples - Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel - 3 ml
    Samples - Prevage Eye Anti-Aging Moisturizing Treatment
    Make Up For Ever Free Deluxe Sample

16 January 2007

Today's Makeup!

Today I went for my "angel face" look.

I had pin curls so I wanted something sweet and young...enter becca cosmetics.

becca shimmer in Nymph and Hyawatha
heavy layer of diorshow mascara

philosophy the Supernatural in natural
Diorshow Powder in Catwalk Pink 003 (creates this flawless pink glow!)


Bourjois Effet 3D Mobile High Shine Lip Gloss Cell Phone Charm in Framboise Magnific (the most perfect shade of light berry pink shimmer ever...not sticky or gooey either..very light once its on)


UPDATE:I set my hair in pin curls last night and had second thoughts about makeup like this...it definetely needs sleek hair.

She looks GORGEOUS! I am going to attempt to do my makeup like this today. Shouldn't be too hard, and it will fit my bone structure. I'll keep you updated!

15 January 2007

Face Cleansers

I'm not gonna lie, I've definitely had my skin issues.

I always thought that the things I was using weren't strong enough (things like Murad acne solutions)

One day I tried a gentle cleanser (Caudalie to be exact.) My face was clear within a week. It turned out I had been over irritating my skin and causing the breakouts. UGH!

Then through a deluxe sample courtesy of Sephora, I discovered the all time skin cleanser...

It runs about $30 dollars but it is TOTALLY worth it. Caudalie cleared my skin up (Kinerase kept it clear...) but with in two weeks...no joke...my skin looked like 21 year old skin should look. It was amazing. I no longer needed concealer, foundation, or even powder. My skin was picture perfect and felt the same way.

I'm still using my Caudalie day lotion but I'm saving up for the Kinerase Creme ($117!?!). Honestly if I hadn't already tried the lotion and found out how wonderful it was as well I would never buy something that expensive at my age. But it was sooo nice! Definitely gave me a case of the "gimme gimmes."

Daily Makeup

No makeup today! yay!

14 January 2007

todays makeup!

oooh im in love with my makeup today!!

MAC concealer in NC20
MAC eyeshadow in pollen (all over)
Becca shimmer in Nymph (all over)
MAC eyeliner in teddy (outer top edges...mod/retro style)
Diorshow mascara

philosophy the Supernatural in natural
MAC blush in style

thats it but i love it!

10 January 2007


I just stumbled upon Meg's Makeup Review for the first time today. The girl is witty!

check out this post! I was literally laughing out loud.

Today's Makeup!

Today was a super early/short day at work so im only wearing:

philosophy the Supernatural in natural
MAC blush in Dollymix
DiorShow mascara in black
GAP pomegranate chapstick (LOVE it!)

09 January 2007

Daily Makeup

I *LOVE* that blogdorf goodman (blogdorf goodman) chronicles her beauty products every day. So I am going to try to make it a daily thing for me as well!

I cleaned out my makeup case (the big one not the train case) last night and put ALL my makeup back in it. I've basically been travelling for the last 2 1/2 months and I can't believe how much makeup I forgot I owned. Amazing!

Tuesday Jan 9th consisted of:

Kinerase Gentle Cleanser (the only cleanser even close to the wonderful-ness is Caudalie gentle cleanser)
Caudalie Day Creme

MAC eye paint in eyelights
Wash of Bourjois Muti Shimmer Loose Eye Shadow in Illuminateur 10 (shimmery white) with Bleu Swimming Pool 24 (golden turquoise blue shimmer) on my lids.

*as an aside....Bleu Swimming Pool 24 is my new favorite shade! I call it mermaid blue and it is one of the prettiest eyeshadows i've ever seen...

Diorshow Mascara in black

Philosophy the Supernatural in Natural
MAC blush in Dollymix
MAC Bronzer

The Body Shop Lip stain in rose
Lip Injection

Miss Dior Cherie perfume (I can never remember if it is an eau de toilette or a parfum)


The story of my life right here!

I'm only 21 and I could guess I've probably tried over 100 different brands of mascara in my life.

No joke.

I'm pretty lucky in that my eyelashes are really decent on their own, but I was always looking for just the right ones.

Well here are my top two:

For any type of eyelashes there are two easy choices.

Bourjois Volume Glamour ($13, sephora.com)

I've never seen this mascara look less than fabulous on anyone (and believe me I've used it on a lot of people.) It gives lush, dark, long, and full lashes. It basically recognizes any potential in your eyelashes and fulfills it.

Diorshow Mascara ($23, sephora.com or and dior makeup counter)

Diorshow is a pricier version of Bourjois Volume Glamour. It adds slightly more volume and stays a little softer.

In my daily experience, neither of these mascaras flake or bleed onto skin. For darker, fuller lashes, it seems that non waterproof version of any mascara is always better than its counterpart.

First Post

I just wanted to say hi! I, like most people who are reading this, am OBSESSED with all things beauty. Haircare, skincare, makeup...you name it, I've tried at least 5 different brands low end to high end.

Sephora will be the end of me financially. Hahaha.

Feel free to ask me anything beauty related, I'm sure I can help you out!