25 October 2008

NO! on Prop 8!!!

I feel very strongly about this, and encourage people to comment both sides of the issue, but please no personal attacks. Also, please try to watch the videos before commenting.

how exactly will this harm society?

"Gay marriage has become such an important issue to me, as it should be an important issue to everyone. It's a civil rights issue, period. And the only reason anyone wants to deny homosexuals equal rights is a religious one. PERIOD. Your God says it's a bad thing. But what if my God disagrees? If you take religion out of the equation, THERE IS NO ISSUE. And don't even get me started on the slippery slope end of the argument, because you know the only reason I'm writing this is because I want to legally marry my dogs. Both of them." - Heather from dooce.com

America was founded on the ideal of freedom of religion. Yes, we had a Puritanical Christian beginning. But why were they here? Because the Church of England was trying to tell them what to believe and how to live their life! They were here to ESCAPE RELIGIOUS PROSECUTION, and now 400 to 500 years later, our citizens are trying to do the exact thing that their ancestors tried to get away from.

There will always be exceptions, but the VAST majority of supporters for Prop 8 are religious folks. In fact, 77% of monetary support for Yes on Prop 8 is from people who practice the Mormon religion...both in AND OUT of California.

If marriages were only legal if conducted in a church (a la England) this would be a moot point. It would be up to the churches to decide if they would or would not grant marriage licenses to homosexuals. However, people get married in court houses all the time. This makes marriage a governmental entity as well and we have a strict separation of church and government policy in this country.

To argue that allowing gays to get married would ruin the "sanctity and sacredness of marriage" is ridiculous. Our divorce rate wouldn't be 60% if people truly respected marriage.

I'm positive that Ellen and Portia are more in love and committed to each other than most of the drunken marriages that take place in Vegas. (Britney Spears' 55-hour drug/alcohol fueled marriage anyone?)

Please vote No on Prop 8

24 April 2007


I usually favor higher end products (just about anything you can purchase at Sephora), but I purchased some of the new Dove Cream Oil Body Wash on a whim while I was in Target yesterday.

I LOVE this stuff. It comes in three different strengths depending on how dry you deem your skin to be. I chose cherry blossom and almond scent because I liked it the best. Turns out it's the middle level of "creaminess". It's not so perfume-y that your whole shower instantly smells like it as soon as you put it on the bath puff. The smell is so light that it is just enough to be smelled but not overpowering. Brought a smile to my face this morning.

Now, let's talk about the lather. TO DIE FOR! The lather is so dense and creamy that its like rubbing bubbly lotion all over your body. At one point I actually thought about how much I had used because it seemed like I was just spreading it around, the lather was so thick.

Use this to shave. Because of the oil and the moisturizers, I have never had such a smooth shave. My skin is still so soft.

I recommend heading to the nearest Target and picking it up.

18 April 2007

I know this is off-topic, but it's important to me

I've never been a huge meat eater and have at points even been a "pseudo-vegetarian."

My meat intake is really limited to chicken breasts, filet mignon, and in-n-out burgers. I eat dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese, and milk. Even then, most everything was organic.

After reading information on www.GoVeg.com, I'm done with animal products.

Thinking about my diet, it really shouldnt be that hard to do. The hardest thing will be dairy and egg products, but even then there are a ton of great replacement products. I actually prefer Chocolate Silk Soy Milk to regular chocolate milk. Cheese is my greatest weakness, but I've been hearing about vegan type cheeses for a long time and how good they can be. Luckily, most bread does not contain animal products past, oh say, butter (which isnt in most bread recipes anyways), but you can get replacements for that (I already use smart balance instead of butter.) Tortillas will be hard too at restaurants because most contain animal fat or lard, but its easy to find vegetarian/vegan tortillas at places like trader joes.

which leads me to another conundrum. im moving home and there is no whole foods there. i mean the closest thing to one is this really tiny not mainstream organic foods mart. looks like ill be eating a lot of trader joes foods lol.

I could write a whole essay on the animal cruelty and health aspects, but if you are really interested, the website spells everything out much better than I could.

The health benefits alone should be enough to think about a switch (average vegetarian cholesterol level=133...no documented heart attacks for people with cholesterol under 150...things like that) but the animal cruelty puts the nail in the coffin. not even organic animals are treated humanely!

13 April 2007

Do You Have Really Dry Skin?

I was recently given the opportunity to try Skin MD Natural. I was a little skeptical at first but that went away as soon as I tried it.

I suffer from really dry elbows. I mean dry, to the point where in moments of desperation I have been known to lick my fingers and then rub my elbows. EW. Haha.

Skin MD Natural refers to themselves as a "shielding" lotion. The claim is that conventional moisturizers only replace natural moisture but do nothing to help retain it. Skin MD Natural works by moisturizing deeper and then bonding to the top layer of skin to keep irritants out and moisture in. Having personally gone through many bottles of Bath & Body Works lotion (I can't help it - it just smells so good!) and been less than satisfied with the results, this sounded too good to be true.

But it wasn't. As soon as I slicked the first layer on my elbows, legs, hands, and feet, I could tell an immediate difference. My skin actually felt soooo smooth. It was great to have soft, sleek, smooth legs. It gave my legs a really pretty sheen as well. And it definitely stayed that way longer.

Since I originally wrote this post, the girls over at Meg's Makeup have also reviewed Skin MD Natural (here) The girls bring up a good point that if you like a nice heavy duty moisturizer this is going to feel too light. I recommend slathering on a nice thick lotion and then "sealing" it with Skin MD Natural. Or try a moisturizing creme body wash/ in shower lotion.

07 April 2007

Dull Skin Nightmare

I went to visit some old friends recently and had a bad skin day. You know the ones where you look in the mirror and you obviously need foundation. Once you put the foundation on, however, it looks like your foundation is caked on and dull (I use super sheer reflective DIORskin Pure Light so for it to be dull is a huge deal). On the verge of a emotional breakdown - why wasn't my face matching my neck like normal?!- I ran, well drove, to the nearest Sephora and spent the next 45 minutes comparing every skin brightening face mask they had.

Enter Korres Natural Products. I have always wanted to try their products but was too scared to because I had not heard anything good or bad about them. No news is usually bad news. I took this opportunity to snatch up the wild rose mask which is marketed as an "instant brightening and illuminating vitamin C mask." And so much more!

This stuff is absolutely amazing. Not only does it do everything it says that it does, it does it with the prettiest light rose scent. Skin improvement and aromatherapy all in one? Sign me up! I am seriously in love with this stuff. It smells just like the rose-scented Yankee candles. My skin was soo smooth and so soft, I swear I was glowing.


I am ssssooooo sorry I haven't been posting. It went from one stressful thing to another and then I couldn't access my blog! Stay tuned though...I have a few reviews to publish.

13 February 2007

apology in advance...

I have a lot of tests this week so posting will be sparse, if there is any at all...